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Datacom Systems Network Taps - 40 Gigabit

Datacom Systems FTP-1514

Datacom Systems FTP-1514

40G Fiber Tap

40 Gigabit fiber taps from Datacom Systems provide your network monitoring and security tools passive permanent access into your 40 Gigabit fiber network.

 40G Multi-Wavelength Fiber Tap (FTP-1516)

Datacom Systems FTP-1516

40G Multi-Wavelength Fiber Tap

The FTP-1516 will tap a 40GBase-LR4 network link, sending a copy of traffic from each device on each wavelength out 4 LC ports in LR format. The FTP-1516 allows you to access a multi-lambda fiber connection and monitor it by combining 4 SFP+ single wavelength ports into one native 40GbE interface on your monitoring devices.

Choosing how to get data from your network and into your monitoring and security tools is just as important as the tools themselves. Network taps are one of today's best methods for creating permanent in-line monitoring ports for your packet analyzers, intrusion detection systems, IDS, data retention compliance devices and other analytic network tools. To accomplish this, taps are inserted between network devices, where they copy data continuously, 24/7, without compromising network integrity. Also, taps are available with a variety of features for both copper and fiber networks and they maintain connectivity, even after power loss to the tap. It's for these reasons that network architects select taps over port mirroring alone to improve monitoring and security. And it's why they are a proven, critical part of the highest performing networks today. Select Datacom Systems taps as your choice for gaining the visibility you need to make your network efficient, secure and compliant.


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