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Datacom Systems Network Packet Brokers - 10 Gigabit Fiber


VERSAstream™ 12 Port Network Packet Broker SFPs

Model #VS-1112-F

Networks are growing more complex, carrying more services, higher volumes of multiprotocol network traffic, and requiring greater bandwidth. At the same time, network and security personnel are required to monitor and analyze more links in greater detail throughout the network in order to meet application performance demands, minimize security threats, and meet regulatory compliance. Higher speed networks are being deployed, fueling the need for higher speed monitoring tools.


VERSAstream™ 4-Port (XFP) 10 Gigabit to 10-Port Gigabit Network Packet Broker

Model #VS-1124-F

Balance traffic across multiple ports to allow growth as the volume of data increases. Load balancing helps prevent loss of data by enabling deployment of redundant security tools that can back each other up, in the event of failure or during while their software updates. As links get faster, you need to be able to distribute traffic across lower speed analysis tools. Load balancing allows you to extend the life of existing lower speed devices as your network traffic increases.


VERSAstream™ 1212 Network Packet Broker with Packet Filtering (12 Port Any-to-Any)

Model #VS-1212-F

Datacom Systems helps solve many of today's most pressing tool deployment problems by allowing organizations to conveniently connect 10G and 1G test and monitoring tools to any traffic on the network.


VERSAstream™ 24 Port 10G/1G Network Monitoring Switch

Model #VS-1224-F

Any of the ports can be configured as input (network) or output (monitoring) ports on the fly through an easy to use command line interface (CLI) or Web-based management. Any monitoring port can receive traffic from any of the other ports, eliminating the need for network managers to change complex network configurations or move tools around their network.

VERSAstream™ Network Packet Brokers