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Datacom Systems Link Aggregation Taps - Gigabit

Datacom Systems SINGLEstream Link Aggregation Tap (LX) with 2 - 10/100/1000 Monitor Ports

SINGLEStream™ Link Aggregation Tap (LX) with 2 - 10/100/1000 Monitor Ports

Model #SS-1204LX-BT-S

The SINGLEstream™ Gigabit Link Aggregation Tap (SS-1204LX-BT) is a 10/100/1000 aggregator tap that faultlessly combines both directions of a full duplex ethernet data stream, while allowing the ability to steer your traffic to specific ports using the new 1200 Series feature set.

Datacom Systems SS-1204SX-SFP-S

SS-1204SX-SFP-S Aggregation Tap

Model #SS-1204SX-SFP-S

The SINGLEstream SS-1204SX-SFP-S Link Aggregation Tap is inserted inline (ports 1 and 2) then makes copies of the network traffic to combine it into a single output. The SFP based monitoring ports (ports 3 and 4), allow you can have 2 copies of that aggregate data, or when link utilization is high, keep the full duplex streams seperate. For additional flexibility, the monitor ports can also receive traffic from an external mirror port or another tap, providing you the ability to tap a link and add other traffic into a single output port.

SINGLEstream™ Link Aggregation Taps

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